The copper door material determines the value of the copper door
Date: 2017/6/12 Publisher: 莱克仕盾门业 Hits: 3392
        Now the reason why the copper door to win the recognition of consumers, because the copper is rich and peaceful things, in ancient times there is a wide range of applications, and the high value. Therefore, the production of copper door copper filling is good, less pores, with a high casting performance.
        At present, the main production of copper door material types are: brass a copper and zinc alloy and bronze copper and tin alloy, let us take a look at the relevant knowledge below it!
        First, brass a copper-zinc alloy. Brass mechanical properties than pure copper, in general, do not rust will not be corroded, plastic is better, is widely used in machinery manufacturing in the production of various structural parts.
Secondly, bronze copper-tin alloy. Has good wear resistance, mechanical properties, casting performance and corrosion resistance. Because of the good ductility of these materials, plasticity was selected to do high-quality materials for copper doors. But also because he has a good physical properties, in the relatively high process requirements are also made of copper doors of high quality materials.

        Insiders said that the brass door is more fashionable, belong to the European category, and, copper door to choose which material production should also consider the architectural decoration style, after all, the current market is mainly to see the design of the copper door, the effect of processing, Surface treatment effect, but more attention or the production of copper doors of the process! 

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