Imitation copper door in the purchase to pay attention to the problem
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Our industry and professional production of imitation copper door manufacturers, in the face of many consumers do not know how to choose a good imitation copper door, day morning to tell you that a good imitation copper door not only look at the appearance of beauty, but also Can not ignore the performance of imitation copper doors. So in the purchase of imitation copper door, should be on several key parts of the inspection:
   First, check imitation copper door lock performance and structure
    Select the anti-drill lock, drill bit into the keyhole, the rotation will be followed by the rotation of the drill bit rotation, can play the role of the lock is not destroyed. Locks require three-way locking structure, single door 3 hinges, double open doors 6 hinges, doors and door frames plus dark locks, even if the hinge is chiseled, the door is not open.
   Second, look at the number of locks on the copper door and the number of jacks
    It is best to choose two locks each control 2 pole of the door, even if it can be destroyed, it will delay the time. In general, a lock can control 3 to 4 rods, so that the door anti-theft performance is poor, once the lock is damaged, a few rods at the same time lose their role. The following are the same as the "
   Third, from the appearance of imitation copper door selection
 The imitation of the copper door on the market, luxury, mid-range, ordinary three categories. Luxury panel material for the aluminum alloy plate, the main frame for the aluminum square tube production, flower fence are aluminum alloy profiles; mid-range general use of a combination of rectangular steel and floral combination; ordinary type is the use of square steel, round steel and Flat steel (16 × 4 mm) and other materials. Users can choose their own favorite type according to their own circumstances.
    Fourth, look at how the quality of copper door process
  Imitation copper door material selection is fundamental, the production process quality is the key. In particular, should pay attention to check whether the welding defects, such as open welding, not welding, leakage welding, slag and so on. Whether the door and the door frame with the dense, the gap is uniform, open whether flexible, all joints are foraging, paint plating is evenly solid, smooth and so on.
    Five, look like copper door lock around the thickness and area of ​​the reinforced plate
 Imitation copper door from the structural design of the closed and fence type two, no matter what kind of choice, the lock is the main part of theft, so the lock should be the thickness of more than 2 mm cold steel plate, the height of the heart Not less than 500 mm.

 From the above points I believe we have a certain understanding of imitation copper doors, and Wei Kang door manufacturers in strict accordance with the production standards of production, is a good choice. 

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